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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Well...Skylease, anyway.

When the company owes pilots 70 grand, it's a wonder it can keep anyone around; only by offering quick upgrades, some of which are cut short because the company won't pay for the simulator. When the owner can't get out of his car at his office for fear of the pilots, and when the unpaid fuel bills pile up, along with maintenance, and when more leave than come to work, toxicity is a sliding scale. It's a bit like observing the titanic slowly sink, a few brave souls clinging to the bow as it hovers above the waves, the latest quick upgrade's arms spread wide as he shouts "I'm the king of the world" and then begins to tread water in hopes that someday he'll get a portion of the backwages owed him before he finally goes under. More like crab grass as a spectator sport, or watching cancer.
I think the short answer to the original, Skylease or whatever they call not
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