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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Well, you quoted me and replied to me with your comment about Harvey Watt. I'd just told you that depending on experience, life insurance might be very difficult or impossible to get, and your response was to quote a low cost long term life insurance.

I responded by reiterating that this low cost isn't necessarily possible for all...and it appears you didn't actually listen.

You got a great deal. It must be nice for you.

As for why you wouldn't jump from an airplane, perhaps simply because you don't now what you're missing. That, and the fact that most jump airplanes are such wrecks that it's safer getting out than landing with them.

Given that many others, beside the original poster, may also want life insurance, it's reasonable that individual background (and thus cost and availability) are worthy of consideration. As I speak for none other, I offered my own.
You told your experience finding life insurance...I told mine. I think most can figure out where they fall in between. As to why I don't jump out of airplanes that are not on fire...its the same reason I don't climb on my roof to repair/install something. It looks good on paper until you break your back and end up in a wheelchair.
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