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Originally Posted by CaptainYoda View Post
And you won't lift a finger to help him.

There are THOUSANDS of posts on Atlas. Many filled with bad information, anger, and silliness.

Sometimes a quick summary and a new thread would help to clarify the information.

We all know that there are threads and posts online.
We don't need you kind of help.
I was interested in Atlas a couple years ago. I started at the beginning of the Atlas hiring thread. It morphs from painting the company as a semi-desirable company to work for to it's current state. Along the way was a wealth of information on schedules, work rules, QOL. The transition from semi-desirable to miserable began about 3 years I was trying to save the guy some time. Not something that's going to be summarized in a single post. If a guy is interested in a company.....where you may be employed for a period of a couple years to the rest of your is well worth the read. I was proposing that he do the same. It's several days worth of reading...but worth the time considering the impact it would have on a person's career/life.

But my $0.02 isn't appreciated. So I'll answer the original question. Schedule is 17 days....typically in a row. Travel on days off.
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