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Default Typical schedule-Atlas Air

Originally Posted by boeingdvr View Post
17 days the company owns you. If you are commuting - plan on 19 days.

If you are on RSV plan on 22 days- you will be extended 3 days ( no option to deny the trip )

If you fail bidding itís possible to work 40 days in a row.

Just because your working- doesnít mean your breaking min 62 hours of pay. 1/2 day equals 1/2 pay.

Been here 4 years. FO on the 76- and itís very rare I break 62 hours.

Sounds horrible, Iím sure schedules like that destroyís families!

Are you staying for a career? Jumping ship laterally to other ACMIís? Have apps out to LLCís?

If schedule so horrible and family so important, why are many of you staying? What are the attrition numbers like (if published)? Data must exist.
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