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From an aviation claims perspective, the first time a small automated commuter aircraft like those being developed crashes into a building downtown and plummets to the ground, killing 10s of people, the movement will be set back 10 years at least. Right now a Cessna 172 crash is still an exotic way to die and the media swarms like flies to s&*t. Countless people will post videos on twitter and youtube of the unfolding disaster. Then the lawsuits will roll in and these start ups will shell out big bucks to make it go away. They might be financially robust enough for 5-10 death death settlements, but the optics alone will be a major blow.

Now scale that up to airliner size. Insurers won't insure them, so the risk is 100% on the airline/manufacturer. One crash is bad. But then if there is another? Oh boy, the lawyers will come after them with everything they got, punitive, possibly criminal damages. The MAX issue times 10.
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