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Originally Posted by tonsterboy5 View Post
I donít think they are saying itís terrible, but more so judging you for basically making a lateral move without good reason. You will be going from pax regional to cargo regional. Why would you do this at a point when you could apply and most likely get hired to fly bigger planes at an ACMI for more money? (Not including Atlas they pay regional pay with crap schedules to fly big metal)
I guess I was more so seeking it as a stepping stone to something like FedEx or UPS. Cargo industry from what I have researched seems to do pretty stable as far as how the economy is affected. I'm just starting out in all of this. I have plenty of time before I need to make a decision about my next move. If my thought process in all of this is jacked up well then I guess I'm about to learn something. Here to be educated. And yes what I have gathered about atlas is they basically suck. Employees seem unhappy.
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