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Anyone considering Atlas/Southern had better understand that there is enormous jeopardy that your training will NOT be successful.

Atlas/Southern rely on self study methods, so the burden is entirely on the candidate to pass or at least self-identify their own training deficiencies... You don't know what you don't know, making this nearly impossible absent constant evaluation by a qualified instructor or substantial experience to draw upon as you progress.

The bigger message needs to be that Atlas does not have an AQP program and still relies on 1950ís style training which relies upon and demands that a candidate have a high level of proficiency in type or an equivalent aircraft.

The staggering increase in Busts and no recommends and even terminations of incoming new-hires is revealing the inadequacy of the training program.

It's not that the instructors or new-hires aren't trying, it's that the system currently in use is a set-up for failure for those lacking 5,000+ hours of 121 international wide-body experience.

Luck simply will not cut it, experience is the surest pathway forward for anyone taking on this type of training scenario.
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