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Originally Posted by busdriver12 View Post
Having a spouse at FedEx is a huge bonus. Nepotism is a huge positive here. I'd ask your wife to start making contact with people here about getting you an interview. She should get on the female pilot's facebook page and start asking questions, start talking to people. If you want to be here, get her going on this. Of course, she'll have to want you here too....

The pilot couples here have a nice life when they're in the same seat position. Coerce her to give you her senior trips.

Haha, well my other half is a whiz at interior decorating, but I doubt hell fit in on the female pilots FB page. He does drop by the recruiting office at AOTC every time hes there for recurrent to remind them Im still alive...although now they tend to keep the door locked. Also done the purple bullet, and I attended his new hire day and talked with the Flight Ops VP, so I think we are doing all we can.

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