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I left WN for FedEx, albeit with only 6 months at the former. My assessment comes during my honeymoon having less than 2 years with FedEx.

If you canít (or wonít) fly nights, forget it. I was at a regional for 17 years and chose not to commute, I had commuted enough times to know it wasnít for me. Commuting at FedEx is a breeze. Do some homework on the city from which you plan to commute, there are some FedEx cities that are quite busy. Iím commuting from a city that offers plenty of FedEx jumpseats. I also ride paid commercial deadheads quite a bit now and it is very slick. I still jumpseat offline occasionally and get much luv from everyone.

The crews here are top notch. Iím speaking of the captains with whom I work and the crews I catch a ride from 3 times a month. Former military, cargo, airline, it doesnít matter. Without a doubt they have been super cool and accommodating. Itís standard at FedEx to do a debrief after every flight. Not once has the captain bagged on me for a slip up. If itís their leg theyíll only debrief their own performance. Seriously classy people.

If you absolutely, positively have to go out on overnights, buyer beware. Iíve gone out for dinner and drinks however some schedules arenít conducive to a social life. No one will give you grief if you slam click, Iím not sure if people here even know what a slam click is.

People donít complain much and they donít rag on each other. Well, okay, if you were in the military expect the requisite us versus them banter. All in good fun. I wouldnít characterize people as kool-aid drinkers either. Honest opinions and solid info abound.

Plan to be goal oriented. People want to move the freight, they come to work to get the job done. On the flip side if you want to drop a trip thatís not a problem, someone will take it. The first time I dropped reserve days my jaw hit the floor, that was a career first!

The interview was tough. I put a lot of time and effort into getting ready. It was my third ďmajorĒ interview and the most difficult. The interviewers were friendly but they have a job to do. I wouldnít have been surprised if I didnít pass. No matter what you have heard or think, they are looking for honest, humble, polite, articulate people. So they make a mistake from time to time, yay for me!

For sure FedEx isnít for everyone. Each month that passes I am happier with my decision to come here. I could have gone to United, stayed at Southwest, or come here. This job fits me like a glove!
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