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Originally Posted by Moosefire View Post
That actually hits the nail on the head. Iíll speak only the the MD fleet, as I honestly donít follow the other fleets closely. For brand new guys itís all about trade offs... Day flying is an option with less than six months on the line (I activated a few years ago in June, sat reserve in July and by August had a mix of days and nights). With a bit more seniority you can get exclusive day flying lines, but theyíll have their drawbacks (holidays, weekends, multiple commutes, etc).

Also donít necessarily discount the night flying, a lot of it can be pretty darn good (Memphis to Tulsa at 4am, hotel by 6 and youíre done for the day).
Only thing I gotta add is we donít fly many US holidays, unless youíre flying international. And not much weekend flying to boot. I have yet to work a holiday in my 3 years here (all on the MD)
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