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Originally Posted by point432 View Post
But we have to understand is that they are dragging their feet a little on this. Yes, they did announce that it was going to be 2 per month. This is still running it thin on staff given the number of people that have left and the people leaving soon. But it did happen, yes. It was somewhere around 10-12 which just covers attrition.

We put out the proffer and it has been just that. There has been no firing order to who and when upgrades will take place here. And for a lot of people, it's hearsay. Do you blame anyone for not believing it?

If you have any inside knowledge that is more than that, please share.
It's not rocket science....every airline is scrambling for pilots. You can't upgrade if you don't have the fo's to replace them. Just like ATI, Atlas etc 6 are scheduled for class 3 commit and 2 show up. They made the decision to hire and upgrade...too little too late sure....but here is the kicker....98.5 percent on time. Everything gets covered. Guys will [email protected] and moan and still show up and do it. As to who and the seniority list. When.....thru August.

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