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Originally Posted by Seaber
How low can we go?

Sadly, I expect the Delta deal will indeed result in a further significant reduction in pilot compensation -- and this deal will simply be another step in a steady procession of reduced compensation for pilots throughout the industry. I don't know how low we can go. Probably each pilot has his/her individual answer to that question.

I wouldn't be surprised if professional commercial flying for the airlines develops into something that mainly young, single people do for, say, ten years or so -- during that time they wouldn't make much, but they'd do a lot of flying and have fun. But once pilots had children and "settled down," many would opt for a second career doing something else, simply because they could make more money that way.

What's driving this? The cheap ticket. It's transforming/wrecking our industry.
I agree that this TA doesn't bode well for the future in regards to pilots wages, but I've got a different take on the
"what's driving this" question. I believe that three main forces are driving the bus on pilot wages/airline devolution. First, the overall economy, while showing good according to the statistics, affords the average middle class guy every lessening buying power. Second, the government is allowing bankruptcy courts to dictate business instead of market forces, and finally: Third, the high fare carriers have not found a way to differentiate their product from a seat offered by a LCC. Take AA's "We know why you fly" ad campaign. It costs them money to run, but it does absolutely nothing to show a potential customer why he is better off flying AA. The next time that customer needs a ticket, they might remember AA, but will they understand why AA is a better choice? Apparently not. I don't really blame the consumer, the legacy carriers just don't give them any reason to buy.


PS, let me add another reason. Airline managers who have no clue about being in the passenger service business. Airlines are now being run by people who make money by manipulating money, instead of being run by managers who know how to make money by running an airline.
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