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Originally Posted by gzsg View Post
Captain Gummís May 29th weekly update is definitely worth a read.

A common goal with ALPA of completing C2019 by the amendable date of 12/31/19.

Negotiating 5 of the next 8 weeks.

In my opinion this is a very positive shift in managementís strategy.

The gap between Delta vs American and United in terms of quality transportation companies is widening by the week. Given the current level of profitability at Delta plus the upcoming $7 Billion annually in 36 months from the recent American Express deal, it makes perfect sense to share this success with the Delta pilots.

I admire Captain Gummís proactive leadership. We all know negotiations are never a walk in the park. That said, dragging things out for years is bad for business. It harms the culture and crushes morale.

The tireless preparation by our negotiating committee, admin and MEC has us well prepared for success. We couldnít be in better hands.
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