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You should. Most people at this airline have been an airline captain. There are many FOs that have been a Captain at Delta. There are many FOs that have more experience and skills than Captains they fly with. I know it hurts your fragile egos, but the only thing being a CA gets you is a higher pay rate and the right to be an authority on a particular flight. It is not earned in any way other than breathing long enough until enough people ahead of you retire.

It is merely a symbolic title and the fact that SO many people get their panties in a wad over a manager several steps up the chain having that title proves that most airline pilots are nothing more than sensitive babies.
WHEN I was a captain of the baby jets that say “DELTA” on the side and connection in small faded font, here was one of the things I used to say to first officers, “you see something, say something. If I am doing something and you don’t know what or why I am doing it, speak up or ask. The only difference between you and I is that I have been here longer, we train the same and pass the same checkrides so feel free to speak up if something is off.”

In essence I view myself and my coworkers in the cockpit as “pilots.” Sure, captains have captain duties and first officers have first officer duties. Just about anyone over the two year mark here could be “captain” if they want to give up their QOL and make a few extra bucks.

For some of us it’s a job title and pay raise, for others it’s their way of life. The former tends to be the more enjoyable ones to work with for what it’s worth.
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