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If you work in certain airlines. But at Delta, American and United.... just to name a few, Captainís authority still means a lot and carries significant weight. Now if you are some snowflake trying to start a wizzing match then go elsewhere. If you are a disgruntled First Officer looking at a loooong upgrade somewhere and think you deserve it now... I canít help you or your ego. Part of professionalism is knowing your part and the discipline that goes along with it. While you point out that there are some bad Captains, Iíd also point out that those bad Captains were most likely bad First Officers.

This isn't about my ego. This is about the sensitive sallys who get all bent out of shape when former captains don't get their stripes taken off their coat or when junior management types get rated as Captain.

Newsflash, this isn't 1960. Being a Captain at Delta doesn't make you a God. It doesn't nor should it carry "significant weight" and the illusion of this "great authority" only exists because the anti-CRM culture still exists here.

The amount of times I've had to hear about Captains complaining they don't get the respect from their co-workers that their captains did when they were engineers is staggering. I've had captains make FAs cry during preflight because they were too deaf to hear the poor girl's question. Delta captains aren't special. They are paid more and rightfully so because they do have the responsibility to make some hard decisions. They aren't, however, infallible or supreme beings of aviation.
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