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Here is my take. I have been at AWAC 13 1/2 years. At my age, I doubt Iíll be able to go anywhere. I do get 4 weeks vacation, make good money, have excellent health insurance and a good 401K.

We have had nine new hires in the past two months get awarded Captain RSV right out of new hire ground school. They will end up in CAE and MKE for a while and will be on RSV for quite a while. IAD seems quite senior for Line holders. As for being RSV in IAD? Itís hit or miss as it depends on vacancies. Iíve seen new hire go directly to IAD and ORD in the past as FO RSV. We have two statuses per seat, line holder and RSV. As a line holder youíll only get a RSV line if you deliberately bid it. Youíre guaranteed a line each month.
If you want to fly and make money, you will at AWAC. All the RSV FOs Iíve flown with are flying their butts off.
As for the CPP, I have my personal opinions of it. Upgrade is very quick now if you want it. You can chose to bypass if you so desire. As for flying older CRJ 200ís? So does Skywest and ExpressJet. As for operational snafus and staffing? Itís all the same anywhere you go.
I love flying for AWAC. Itís a great fit for me. If you decide to come on board, then welcome aboard.

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