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Originally Posted by Bullfrog82 View Post
I just recently got an offer with both airlines, living close to DC both would have a base that i can drive to easily.
Wanted to see what people's opinion would be in this case.
Psa does pay more and mainly has a guaranteed flow to AA, since i don't have a Bachelor's this is very interesting.
Air Wisconsin does have opportunities to credit more hours at quite lower rate and better Healthcare, but Career Path i only after i get a Bachelor's and guarantees only an interview with United, which honestly i can do at PSA since the Bachelor degree can be done thru ALPA.
I have flown in the Airline industry for 11 in Europe so hour wise i am good.

Wonder if people have insight or come up with things that i haven't thought about yet.

You ask a very complex question here. I have been at AWAC 18 mo. Im a CA. I used to work at an AA wholly owned. You will not make more money at PSA You will make less. Pay rate is not the end-all. Segment is what we are paid on. I never fly more than 70hrs a month and I never credit less than 100. The flow is not guaranteed. The flow is NOT guaranteed. I know plenty of guys that canít flow for various reasons. You can prob get IAD reserve FO within 12 mos. at AWAC. CA prob a decade. Go where you can drive to work. Living in base makes your life waaaaaaaaay better.
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