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Originally Posted by Fly4Beer
Great another ALPA cave-in....
It remains to be seen who caved in. Management had stated that the $305 million demand and several other items were not negotiable. I'll bet they negotiated and compromised, as DALPA insisted they do.

The top 10% screws the other 90% and the rest of the profession.
Some think that it's the bottom 10% who are dragging wages down.

Now every ALPA carrier can expect to get consessions without fear of a strike because ALPA leadership has shown their cards!!!
ALPA leadership had nothing to do with the TA, only DALPA did. Your MEC can play its own cards. By the way, how are THEY doing?

I guess ALPA will have to raise dues to make up the difference once another pay cut is announced, you know ALPA leadership won't take a paycut from ALPA
ALPA dues are a tiny fraction of the pay cut that pilots would take if there were no union, and management could set wages and working conditions by fiat. Better re-read "Flying the Line", by George Hopkins.
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