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Sequester bait
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Originally Posted by Autorotator82 View Post
I want to thank everyone who contributes to this thread.

I’m a rotary wing pilot close to retirement and looking at AIA positions.

Some thoughts.

The basic lack of leadership and structure in such a large organization is quite disturbing. These issues with morale and day to day operations are easily fixable with the right people in place. Truly mind blowing.

Is having a TS helpful during the hiring process? Will I have the opportunity to fly 60s again?

Only a current SCI will get you out of the poly. “Regular” TS will not.

AMO is very, very small. The size of a small aviation brigade. And that includes everyone - pilots, boat guys, sensor operators, flight engineers, HQ, HR, senior management.

When I came here, senior management was all pilots. Now non- pilots run the show. There is way more incentive for non-pilots to promote financially. Even before the raise a GS-13 pilot on LEAP would often cap out at higher steps. Now that a line pilot makes directors pay, this trend will intensify. An anticipated side effect of the SSR. I personally had no desire to promote and certainly not now.

As always, taking this job is about more than the money. It is continuing your service in a very different way. But - many feel they’ve done their service and now it’s time to concentrate on whats best for their family- which often means UAL, SW, etc.

It's a highly personal decision. But no doubt many were promised moves that were later denied. That doesn’t seem likely to change soon.
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