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Originally Posted by Grom1234 View Post
Reading through this thread it seems like a lot of pilots are leaving or looking to leave AMO. Just wondering where these pilots are going? Major Airlines? Are AMO pilots looked at similarly to military pilots? Considering AMO has a lot of single piston aircraft, not sure how they are looked at by the airlines/ect after they leave AMO.
I left to a major airline and cant be happier with the quality of life I have now. I only miss my friends but not the office the way runs these days. I felt miserable working at CBP! I do have over 12k hours, most on turboprops and 500 on Citation 2. In the past 2 years all 7 that left the Miami office were hired. 4 to the majors, 1 to Atlas and 2 to really good corporate outfits.
I wish I had left 10 years ago.
My best advice: Stay away or run away!
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