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Germany and Hong Kong Today, Unemployment Line Tomorrow! Should be the new advertising banner here on APC.

Per our EXCO Chairman:
At the meeting, I was particularly alarmed by some of the comments that company officials made. Company executives expressed their main goals relating to Scope to include the ability to dry lease aircraft without being constrained by any protections for the Atlas and Southern pilots if they decide to sell off all or part of the company. They further told us that having pilots attached to the business might reduce what they can get for any given part of the company.”

Today it was announced that the most anti pilot, anti union executive in the company is being promoted to CEO effective Jan 1. A Frank Lorenzo protege and lawyer by trade, he would love to outsource ALL our jobs, yesterday. Depending on our arbitration award in a couple months he may get license to do just that.

The good news is anyone who comes to Atlas and Southern now to become furlough fodder probably won’t get the chance to waste much of their career here and can move on to an actual airline ( not a holding company that leases airplanes ) that provides real compensation and stability.

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