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Originally Posted by goinaround View Post when you call in to screw scheduling on your last leg in on day 17 and they JRM or advance JRM can say "no thanks"? That's not how it works at Abex. say YMMV. Why yes....with 28 years of seniority and living in a DHL out base...things are significantly different. What I'm saying is that for the guy that wants to live on a lake in're situation does not apply. Hence.....YMMV. I work less here and make way more than I ever did at ABX in two Amazon. You "legacy Airborne" guys still think you're top of the heap. Not so much though.....
Ahhh know..I sounded a bit snarky in that last post. I'll just Airborne guys had one of the best jobs in aviation when the times were good (they were for a long time). And the guys I flew with were all great. Adapting to the new ACMI reality is a hard pill to swallow...I realize that. All the best in the future.......
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