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From an Atlas Air thread but applies to Southern Air just the same. Turbine1 is spot on in his post and if you are oblivious to the risks of coming to Atlas or Southern and the potential for the bottom 25% of the list at both airlines to lose their jobs, read below:

Originally Posted by Turbine1 View Post
I can see it now. Itís an open secret that Amazon is already running a shadow operation and calling the shots in CVG. Amazon gets their own operating certificate then gives their 180 day notice to dump the CMI contract for Atlas/Southern pilots, putting 600 pilots on the street. Possibly 400 more if they take the 20 737ís that are coming. Then say hey guys and gals come work for Papa Bezos! We might even give you a preferential interview! They have the airplanes leased for another 3 years, plenty of time to hire and train their own crews before they buy the planes outright. It wonít be hard, those recently furloughed AAWH crews have up to 7 years experience...Hey a non union job at year 1 probationary pay again is better than no job right?
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