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Originally Posted by FlightLife View Post
Good advice from FreightDogs. I can't really add much else. Study prior to arrival to indoc is very important. Follow the study priority outlined in the welcome packet; it helps. I came to flying single-pilot night IFR in icing conditions at Ameriflight from flying VFR helicopters. Big transition, but possible with preparation. Study study study, and if you're not comfortable flying IFR without a GPS, hop in a sim and turn the GPS off. Pretty much all our aircraft have GPS, but you'll be expected to fly without it.

I'm happy to answer any questions.

Good luck!

Thank you for the feedback, that's good to hear. Most of my time is VFR cross country (GA) and years back i used to tow gliders. I plan on focusing hard this fall in doing as much M.E. IFR work i can in prep for this potential opportunity. My goal is to get a shot at the 99 out of DFW and hopefully upgrade to the 1900 from there. Thanks again.
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