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Default Very Special Thank You To NWA

Here is a travel story that could have gone Bah Humbug, but absolutely did not. My sister and her family were supposed to go from SAT to BOI through MSP on Dec 23, but they turned right around and went home when the flight from SAT was delayed. Plans were made for Dec 24 leaving SAT to MEM, then to MSP then to BOI. There was only going to be 25 minutes in MEM and everyone was prepared to spend the night at some hotel and get to BOI early on the 25th.

I don't know all the details, but someone (more likely many people working in concert) performed what can only be characterized as miracles during this busy holiday travel season because they all got to BOI at about 11 pm last night!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone from Auntie Vagabond. A 4 year old boy and his 2 year old brother got to wake up Christmas morning with grandma and grandpa and 35 other relatives. Next year, they'll come to SEA, I hope.
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