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Originally Posted by FreightDogs View Post
I'll try to answer this question!
First I'll explain the Accelerated Captain Program. Okay, so Ameriflight got a waiver from the FAA to bring pilots in as Captains on the BE99 at 1,000 TT (instead of the usual 1,200 TT). Now with that, the pilot has to be a First Officer with us first. That would be in the BE1900 or SA227. We put those pilots on our highest timed routes across our system to get them what they need asap.
We hire for that program at 750 TT - 900 TT. We don't typically hire pilots with more than 900 TT for that program because they would go through training, fly as an FO for like 1-3 months and then go back to training. That's just not a very long time and they are so close to Captain mins already.

Now the other option for a 1,000 TT pilot would be to come in as an EMB120 FO. The pilot would go through training and fly the line for about six months before going back to training for a BE99 Captain position.

The third option depends on how much you are flying. If you're getting quite a bit of hours every month, we advise you to come in as a Direct-Entry Captain at 1,200 TT. If you're flying say 50 hours per month, that would be a class start date in four months. Not too bad if you're flying now!

Hope that helps!
Great explanation and thanks for taking the time to write it all out. Looks like I'm kind of in "no man's land" unless a EMB120 spot comes up.

Thanks again!
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