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Originally Posted by Aviatour View Post
Is there a possibility of people based in HNL (from Aloha) being placed in another base after the merge? Or are they guaranteed to stay in HNL?
there are no guarantees of anything in aviation. just ask the pilots at United that got displaced out of their domiciles after the merge with CO. or the pilots at Hawaiian that lived in SEA and then HAL closed the base. I could give 50 more examples, but you get the point.

That being said, the answer to your question depends on what you mean. If you are a HNL based 737 and want to stay on the 737 in HNL, you will have no worries of being displaced. The HNL flying is not going anywhere and there are always FOs moving on, so once you are in the base, you would stay there.
But if you got hired and eventually got on the 767 based in HNL.
The company could decide to change the 767 base to LAX or SEA or some other place. In that case, you would have displacement rights, which are basically you can bid for whatever your current seniority can hold. You could even bid to the 737 in HNL.
The merge has no effect on your base. We have one seniority list.
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