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Default Technical Test

Does the phone interview and technical test go hand in hand, or will you only receive a technical test if you make it past the phone interview portion?

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It seems that many of you have contacted me with news that they received a call to set up a PHONE INTERVIEW. This is news to me as I have never heard of doing phone interviews with pilots before. In my time here, during external and internal hiring, they have always brought the applicants to OKC for the HR panel interview, technical interview, and flight evaluation. When I asked up the chain about these phone interviews I was told:

1. The telephone interview replaces the HR panel interview.
2. The technical interview is now a test that is emailed to you and you have a limited time to complete and return.
3. There is no flight evaluation.

On another front, it becoming more and more likely that the FAA Flight Operation Program Office will be receiving the SRS pay scales in the future. On top of that - at least for external hires I understand - they will be HIRED at GS-13/1 level - and once they pass their ASIP check ride (guessing 12-18 months) - they will immediately be promoted to GS-14/1. As a comparison it took me almost 3.5 years to get to that point from GS-11/1 to GS-14/1. This is a much more aggressive promotion standard.

So - interviews are in progress. Good luck to all who applied.

Disclaimer: This is to the best of my knowledge based on general information passed in meetings and a few questions that I have asked up the chain. I am NOT involved in the process and have no insider knowledge, nor am I involved in the decision making process. Take everything with a grain of salt!
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