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Originally Posted by JayMahon View Post
I made the jump. Enjoyed a couple of months doing things around the house and spending time with my kids. Just got my PPL on Friday. Got a local pilot at the FBO willing to spot me time in his 182 for the High Performance endorsement. Got a couple of local guys out of the flight school looking to split time on cross countries.

So, I'm setting up to go full bore into my commercial minimums while making sure to check off all the boxes on my Instrument required hours. Due to old hours from over 20 years ago, I'm currently sitting at 90 hours TT, and 15 hours PIC. Once I cross the 200 hr threshold I hope to knock out my Instrument, Multi-Engine and Commercial in rapid succession.
Congrats, sounds like a plan. Might consider doing the IR sooner, so you can maybe get some actual (but be wary of convective stuff in the mid-atlantic region).

Originally Posted by JayMahon View Post
Any suggestions/tips? Any fun spots to fly to in a cessna 172? I'm in Central Virginia, flying out of SHD, LYH and/or ROA. Anything I should look out for or be wary of?
Avoid the security sensitive airspace around the capital, or make darn sure you do it right. That kind of trouble will derail your commercial career.
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