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Originally Posted by Bluesideup24 View Post
UPS guy here coming soon to ANC. Do you folks have any good intel about crashpads availabilities in ANC? The UPS crew room does not have a lot of info. Thanks in advance!
I was an ANC commuter for about 7 years. I think you're getting crickets on this topic because a crashpad is generally unnecessary in ANC for FedEx guys. 70% of the ANC lines in Sep have one or two trips, which, depending on deadheads may not require a full front and back commute to ANC. Worst case on those lines, a pilot has to commute up the day prior to both trips. Commutes home were easy on the same day as the trip ends, so no hotel required. The Ramada was less than $60 out the door in the off season and during the summer, it was possible to stay under $100 per night at the Inlet Towers. Most crashpads were $350 and higher, so very easy to use hotels and stay below that. Both hotels provided transportation on demand, so crashpad car was unnecessary.

Reserve tends to go senior with local pilots. The guys who had crashpads seemed to go with that option because they wanted to hunt, fish or ski and were just building in opportunities to mesh those activities with work.
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