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Originally Posted by DWC CAP10 USAF View Post
No one is still in NYC against their will 2 years later.

I was hired two years ago this month. We had a few DTW spots in day 1 of Indoc. For everyone else that got NYC, the shortest guys (6-9 months) transferred to SLC and SEA. The last to escape waited 1.5 year to be the plug in MSP on his new hire plane.

Even with all the non hiring recently, guys that got NYC in Dec 2018 were able to transfer to ATL I the Mar/Apr timeframe.
The ATL320B plug is 2 years on property. That pilot and the next 6-9 off the bottom are awaiting their mandatory displacement from the last AE. So no 320 pilot hired in the last 2 years has been able to get to ATL, if that was their strategy.

You are correct that they are not in NYC against their will. They could have chosen a different base, or changed fleets to get to ATL any now (thus adding to their new seat lock).

Just trying to clarify your original point for anyone who may be attending indoc soon. 717B is the fastest way to ATL followed by 73N. 7ER would actually be third, although the upcoming 321 deliveries could change that.
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