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Originally Posted by HTBH View Post
Not sure about that. With the retirements we have coming up in the next couple of years it will be very short timelines to get just about any base in the narrow body you want on the FO side of things. If given the choice of being locked into the MD88 for a minimum of two years to be based in Atlanta versus taking the A320 to NYC knowing that the odds are good you'd get to Atlanta within 6-9 months with the movement that's coming... I think quite a few people would go for the tray table. Just a thought.

I flew the 10 back in the early 2000's. I did enjoy flying Big Sexy as it was referred to.
Sorry but Iím going to have to absolutely disagree with you on this. While we do have many to come, the amount of 88, 737, and 717 guys who have a bid in and are waiting for open ATL spots is pretty massive. Plus right now it seems like the 321 growth is being dispersed amongst every base except for ATL. Realistically for those that want Atlanta I would say 88, 717, and then 737. In that order.
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