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Originally Posted by Broing View Post

So yes, per the FAA since you're "Sole Manipulator." Per the airlines I think also yes. Only the PF in this case would log PIC time and the PM wouldn't be able to log anything. Unless the PM is an MEI and performing dual given.

I think there are some caveats for if an SIC is required per the operating certificate or insurance you can log SIC time.

The PIC would be the captain even if you're flying as the FO period is my understanding. Sure technically it's PIC per the FAA's definition but airlines would not count that as PIC because as the FO you are not the "Captain of Record."

I think the black and white answer is when you're Captain of Record in the left seat you can log PIC. I can log "PIC" time as a FO for my regional when it's my leg, but no way a major would accept that. "Captain" time is all that matters.
I can be just as wrong as the next guy, but I only counted PIC if I was the only pilot or the Captain. So far that has worked for me...
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