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Originally Posted by OceanCrosser View Post
It is "always" possible to make it to the majors from anywhere but you want to make yourself attractive to the hiring guys/gals.

Having just retired with over 40 years in the 121 world, there isn't a job out there I would have traded for. When I got hired in 1978 I got the best advice from a long time corporate pilot who's company had been flying since WWII.. he told me the worst airline job would be better than the best corporate job.

Unless there is a Black Swan event, the airlines are going to continue to hire in LARGE numbers. The time off, the pay, the benefits, etc. are all better with a mainline carrier.

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That was 40 years ago, itís changed a lot. Thereís still lots of trash corporate jobs, but I know dozens of very happy corporate pilots making north of $250,000 with good QOL. Two gave up UAL recalls for their jobs.
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