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Default University vs other options

Hello! I am a student at a university that is well recognized for its flight program. I started not quite two years ago and shortly after I began, the FAA sent me a letter stating that my eligibility for a medical was in question due to an ADHD diagnosis several years before that I had forgotten about.

It has taken quite some time, but I have now submitted all the documentation to them and am awaiting a response. The psychological evaluation showed no ADHD symptoms, so I see no problem with being able to keep my medical.

During this time, I decided to switch my concentration over to air traffic control while I waited. I did not expect the process to take so long, and I am now in my junior year. I have been doing some research on local flight schools. I have also looked into places like ATP and cadet academies, however one of my biggest worries is that I will not be offered a spot (was recently rejected from LIFT.) Being this far into my education, I am debating whether I should switch back to the flight concentration at my university, or wait until after I graduate and complete my training elsewhere. Any suggestions?
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