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Originally Posted by Casualinterest View Post
Idk. I dropped 5 days last month, and picked up a couple OT things. It is very sparse these days though. All the days I dropped were red when I dropped them. They have that super secret squirrel grid they use for reserve drops that's lower than what the grid shows. Remember people, the grid in Flica shows what line holders need in order to drop. Reserves can drop with a slightly lower threshold that unfortunately we can't see. So you just have to shoot and see what happens.
So a disclaimer first. This post is only my opinion and may be subject to much scrutiny. But... I think Iíve cracked the reserve grid code. Iím pretty sure after much trial and error that schedulings actual hard numbers are half the required for that day. I.e. 34 reserves required actually means 17 minimum. If the grid shows 18 or higher you can drop or swap. At least thats been my experience. Now that Iíve posted this it may change. Lol.
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