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Originally Posted by Boats and Hos View Post
Is that the grid was red even during TOWOP! I thought that was shady! And yes, I agree on the transparency. PBS/Flica is a tool for flight crews so whatís the point in having it if you canít use it? Why do they have a different grid than us and how did THAT happen? Did Alpa agree to let them do that because if not, thatís a huge grievance IMHO.

I think we are all going to be working a lot harder. The pairings seem to be getting worse and the fire breaks are terrible. More people are flying longer days and fatigue is or will become an issue. While I know growth is desired but, at what cost???

Yes, I know we got 150% open time in return for giving up the grid. Iím honestly torn about that. Itís difficult to get the 150% trips because you canít drop OR swap. Quite frankly, Iíd like to keep my only days off I can get now.
Reserve adds and swaps and drops had already been at ďschedulingís discretion,Ē thatís why when the company implemented the secret reserve grid, it wasnít an LOA but rather an email from TW and the union announcing the change. The cost of trips being dropped by lineholders and picked up for premium time was cited by TW as a reason we donít have true numbers on the flica reserve grid. The goal was for reserves to drop trips and pick up open time from the trade board.
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