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Originally Posted by CoconuTelegraph View Post
One of the worst rotations Iíve ever operated in my career was as follows (times are local):
Day 1/2: Depart JFK 23:00, arrive LAX 02:00
Day sleep
Day 2/3: LAX 2200 - FLL 0600
Day sleep
Day 3: FLL 2000 - JFK 2200
Day 3/4: JFK 2359 - Barbados 0500
Day sleep
Day 4: Barbados 1900 - JFK 2359
I commuted back to Atlanta and then slept for almost 20 hrs straight. Not much relevance here, but one kick in the nuts worth remembering.
Does Delta do a lot of redeye flights to the islands? I thought that was a JetBlue thing.
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