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Originally Posted by tnkrdrvr View Post
I’ve worked with several guys in similar situations to you. A Navy or Marine rotary guy with significant fixed wing time can be hired straight into a heavy fixed wing Guard/Reserve unit to top off your hours and get hired on at a major within 1-2 years. This route pays better than a regional and advances the ball on your retirement.
Navy (unless something changed that I'm not aware of) does not have a conditional release program (ie Palace Chase?). So you'd have to pull the trigger first and then see what you can work out. In that case might be better to sign on at a regional to get the ATP, 121 type, and a seniority number. Then if you get a decent flying gig in the guard/reserve you can take leave or just bail completely on the regional.

There are definitely alternatives to regionals, but they all have drawbacks. Either not guaranteed available, slow time building, or wrong kind of time. Regionals at least are essentially guaranteed to be available, and guaranteed to do the trick (as much as anything is guaranteed in this industry).

I had a guy in the unit who was working all possible angles to stay in the hometown and not do regionals. After four years this guy was still flailing with corporate/135 odd jobs and rushing squadrons while several other similar (helo) guys had come and gone to the majors via the regionals. In the meantime, a good regional had opened a base in town. He finally did that.
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