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Pushing 40 any career change decision has been tough.
I'm in a nearly no lose situation.
I've worked hard all my life and have a good life because of that.
My company has been sold years ago and I've been enjoying "costly jobs/adventures" since.

But 39 is still young and it takes a lot of money to make it to the "twilight years"

I currently have the freedom to take 2 years to get into a new job like what DCA or similar can open the doors to.

I'm not concerned with making Max Capt @250k a year with a major.
I would think I've done the right thing if I instructed for 20 years @ $20 an hour :P

I'm older and have been successful so I'm lucky in that perspective.
I'm not looking for as much as a younger pilot in training might be.
They have time on their side to get that max Capt job while conversely I don't have the 5 - 10 years to beg, barter for my hours.

My business was successful because I and some others worked about 100 hours a week for nill pay, so I'm used to "paying ones dues" to get where you want.

The missus thinks I already have too many expensive "hobbies".
I do realize my case is different but I think this fits the bill for me.

thanks for the reply !