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Originally Posted by Travelertravis View Post
Iím a total noob here and wanting to get the thoughts and opinions from those of you flying professionally. I graduated from a well known aviation school with an Aeronautics degree, I also obtained my PPL from there. I always intended to finish my certs but life always had different plans. I recently completed my MBA and currently work in sales. The money is good when the commissions are coming in but when theyíre not... well I might as well be a fist year at a regional. The bottom line is, money aside Iím miserable in this job. I always find myself regretting not finishing my ratings. So, after that long winded introduction my question is, at 34 do I still have time to finish my ratings (likely part 61) and still have a shot at making it to the majors some day?
Iím 33 and in sales with 250 hrs but hesitant to make the switch because I currently make legacy wb capt money and itís hard to stomach the real possibility of never getting back there. I also worry that airlines will choose younger guys over older career changers leaving a longer wait at the regional level. With that said I donít know why at our ages it wouldnít be possible to make it to the majors just that it might take longer. Or as some on here have mentioned getting stuck on the back of the hiring wave leaving you commuting to reserve if actually hired at said Major. Sorry not trying to be pessimistic just shedding light on whatís kept me from making the jump, even though itís something I think about every day.
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