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I was trying to be honest and not an @ss.
You obviously know what a decision tree is:

Not only every career decision but every life decision is going to determine your final destination.
Now...even if you had a cheat sheet and you KNEW the decisions that lead to Fedex ( or any other goal) it wouldnít be guarantee as external factors are constantly changing the decision points.
And you canít control any of these external factors.
Global economic fluctuations, domestic economic fluctuations, poor or exceptional management decisions at current or future anticipated employers.
Then you have your life events that can make you choose to go left instead of right : long term illness/ death of a close relative, new relationship/ marriage/divorce, temporary loss of your medical due to illness and it goes on and on.
Donít loose sight of your final goal but focus on your next step and just loosely consider the next step.
Really the only thing you can do is set yourself up for succes.
Get a degree, work hard, be committed to what you do. Working for a sh!tty company doesnít mean you need to do a sh!tty job.

Let me just give you an example.
I have a buddy stuck at a dead end airline. Heís waiting for the call from the Majors, preferably American.
Mean time he canít change employers as he canít afford the drop in pay. Nasty divorce and a difficult teen keep him where he is. He also canít save enough to build a transfer fund to cover him the first two years at a different airline.
Iím pretty sure he didnít anticipate that 10 years ago.

Like I said.....tar on your soul
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