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Originally Posted by haztronic View Post
So I completed my 3rd flight as SIC in the Piaggio P180 Avanti 1 last night. I am very fresh to the plane but I'm throughly enjoying flying her. It is a fantastic bird.

However, I have been struggling a little on applying the correct amount of takeoff power though. Upon the PIC saying "set power", I have a tendency to always slightly over-torque one of the engines before quickly putting it back in limits. I am conscious of taking my time when adding the power as to not over-torque but at the same time, I am also conscious that I don't have endless amounts of runway to use so having the power set in a timely manner is important.

If anyone has a tip for me, it'd be greatly appreciated. Our plane is a mid 90s built.

I understand I am new to the plane so I am still feeling everything out and will get better at it.

Thank you!
Are you setting the prescribed minimum torque? Or are you setting about 5% less? Due to Ram-rise, static torque should be about 5% less than target torque.
On that same note, is it over-torquing meaning above 100%/max ft/lbs? Or just above the book value for the conditions? Remember the book value for the temperature is a target, but itís actually a minimum not a max.
Avant I or II?
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