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Default Phx commuter here.

Originally Posted by CJPilot1 View Post
Thank you so much for your reply! Iím living in Phoenix and really set on not moving.... but I donít really like my options in PHX if you catch my drift. So trying to see what my options would be for commuting.
IAH is too stagnant to make sense for a phx commuter. MCI is similar, easy commute but slow moving seniority.

ORD is okay on the FO side, but the UA/AA flights are always full with commuters left behind.

BOS, DCA or EWR make lots of sense. It's a long commute but holding a line means more days off and less time in the crash pad. More flight time too.

IND, SDF, CMH, PIT are okayish for a west coast commuter. Plan on commuting in the day before, spending the night after the trip in the pad.
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