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Originally Posted by CJPilot1 View Post
Hi folks. Potential new hire here living in PHX. Iím native to the CLT area but moved out here for instructing... fell in love... you know the drill. Every thing youíre not supposed to do.

That being said, Iím partial to the Phoenix area now. Not really liking my options for the PHX based regionals. I see PSA and RAH as the biggest ďbang for my buck.Ē My parents still live in CLT (locals who will never leave), and have graciously offered for me to use my childhood bedroom as a crash pad when needed. Iíve stashed enough away in savings to survive until upgrade (current citation jet flight instructor with loads of student debt). Like I said... everything youíre NOT supposed to do.

That being said, how realistic is commuting from Phoenix? Iíve heard urban legends of several folks who do it from here. However, I havenít been able to speak to anyone personally. Any help, advice, tips and tricks to commuting would be appreciated. I realize CLT is unrealistic for a new hire out of training. I guess another question would be... how does reserve bidding work? Do you bid short call separate from long call? Trying to figure out how predictable I could make my commute. With the amount of flights back and forth to CLT, Iíd almost rather commute to CLT for LCR than two leg it to a more junior base, even if it means I fly more.

Thanks in advance for all the help! I love the culture this pilot group seems to have, and Iím grateful for anything I can get.

just sent you a PM with my number.....Iíve done worse commutes.
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