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Originally Posted by ZeroTT View Post
Hub to Hub has some of the worst loads I have ever seen. Can't speak for PHX-CLT but I have (on multiple days) seen DFW-MIA with essentiall hourly flights and the entire day have -40 available seats and 100 non revs listed.

That said

1) crash pad at Mom's place is a HUGE benefit. Free, comfy, private, laundry, etc. That goes a long way
2) hub to hub can offer some really weird commute options other than the obvious CLT-PHX direct (e.g United to Houston then United or AA to PHX. Or AA CLT-OKC-PHX)
i will say, PHX-CLT is tough and tricky commute because the loads change hourly it seems. Iíve make the trek to phx a few times and Iíve always had to add a stop in the middle like CLT-MCO-PHX, PHX-AUS-CLT, or my favorite PHX-IAH-CLT a few times.
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