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Default Attrition to Majors/Mainline

Hi Everybody,
I am a current CFI about a year away from going to class, and should be picking my class date towards the end of this year. Currently, I have job offers at Republic and PSA (both of which are through the cadet programs). I am also considering interviewing at Endeavor potentially when the time gets closer.

I live in North Carolina, so living in base is only an option at PSA way down the road since CLT is super senior. I do not mind commuting within reason, as I would like to stay/live in the NC area. Up until this point, my end goal has been American (for various reasons) and my heart has been set on PSA mostly, however, I have been hearing some things and reading up on some things at mainline AA that are making me more open to other opportunities- I would still like to end up at either AA, DAL, UAL, or SWA.
Everything else in terms of QOL, culture, a/c, etc. screams Republic except one thing... Career progression and attrition. This is one area I don't know much about and have not seen stats on where RJET pilots move on to. I have heard rumor (mainly from my WO friends) not to go to Republic as it is "easy to get stuck" since there is no flow, interview program, or any type of advancement "pipeline"... I personally can't check any minority boxes, but will have a 4-year degree and very clean background- No FAA or other violations. From the way it looks now, Republic also seems to be the better place to be should the economy turn down sometime in the near future as well... .
What is the general consensus about coming to Republic in terms of advancement/attrition?

I know that most of AA new hires come from Wholly Owns, but anymore, I am not sure if I am set in stone on going to AA.
I have a little time to decide, and really riding out the rest of this year depending on what happens at the said airlines will also help me make a better decision.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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