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Originally Posted by myplanelife View Post
I just got a May 5th class date and I'm planning to move my family to where ever I get based. Since we don't know our base until training starts, I'll likely have to move sometime during training. We're in Utah right now so it'll probably take at least 2-3 days to knock it all out. Is there time in the training schedule that would allow us to move? If possible, I'd prefer to move before the end of training so I'm not commuting nearly across the US just to sit reserve. Thanks!

There’s a delay with OE that was 3 weeks in December. That may have changed and I wouldn’t count on it, I’d plan for maybe 3- 7 days so you don’t make plans. Once in class you will meet people and also people in the class ahead of you. Ask them what their waits are that will be a pretty accurate estimate. What I would do is that plus non rev to the bases. Get a rental car and check communities out. Or have the wife pick a job somewhere and go there. I just moved to where ever my wife could get paid the most.
Also if your reserve somewhere you can explore too when your not being used.

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