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Originally Posted by tritofly View Post
Based on the post history its an F9 pilot. So as OAL, you are upset that a YX employee took a jumpseat on their own metal to get home?
No. Not upset at all. It is common courtesy to use your pass travel seniority to free up the cockpit jump. While no rule says you have to, it is widely accepted as that the appropriate thing to do.

While I am NOT an F9 Pilot, I know that on our airline if I have the opportunity to take a seat in the back to get a OAL pilot on the JS for work, I would do it and do it every time. If I am going home and a guy is going to work, offering the jumpseat is the right choice. Iíve done it on more than one occasion and will continue to do so.

I am not interested in a JS war because there are no winners but calling out someone for their selfishness ways is totally warranted. I consistently leave the day before of my show with a minimum of three flights but this type of behavior carries the risk of costing another pilot thousands of dollars in lost pay due to commuter protection trip loss. Personally, I would never do it to another pilot. Disagree if you want. Iíve said my piece and itís over. Bottom line, take care of your fellow pilot because he/she may be on the hiring board of your next airline.
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