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Originally Posted by mexipilot84 View Post
Pay raises are in tho, check your email
me and you get along but 90x60= $5400x12=$64,800

now under the current rate 1st year pilot
990$ CBT
66X60= $3960x12= $47520+15000+990= $63510
plus new hire bonus 15000$ first year

so $64800-63510= $1290! Thatís our raise are you freaking kidding me thatís an insult, oh but you can work over time, yeah no different than working overtime at the current rate.

the only true pay raise came to the captains, and slightly higher second year pay for FO, First year FO sees no raises so someone coming in off the street today wouldnít see anything more 1st year than normal, besides there monthly guarantee check being slightly higher because you get the money in the hourly rate.
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